Requesting and receiving your Mountaineer football ticket can be complicated your first time. But if you follow these simple steps, football ticketing will be simple.

Check the WVU Portal (MIX) as often as possible. Check the personal and campus announcements sections to see when request periods begin and end and when claim periods begin and end. For a standard home game on Saturday, request periods will begin 8 days prior and end two days later on Tuesday at midnight.


To claim your ticket click the link in the news item on the WVU Portal announcing that claim periods have begun. You will be redirected to a ticketing page on


If this is your first time logging into WVU Student Ticketing, your username is your MIX ID, and your password is the last 6 digits of your WVU ID (700 number). Once you log in, you may change your password according to your preferences.


Next you will be sent to a page with a list of home games. Click on the link of the game in which you are requesting a ticket. It should be the only game highlighted


When requesting a ticket the first time, only one ticket can be requested. You do have a choice between the lower level, the upper level or Maniacs. If you are a Mountaineer Maniac with guaranteed ticketing, PLEASE NOTE that if you select any option for section other than “Maniac,” you will NOT be guaranteed a ticket. You will be sent into the same lottery as non-guaranteed ticketing students.


When tickets are distributed, an e-mail will be sent to your MIX e-mail address telling you to print out your ticket. Go back to and sign in, but this time click on “claim ticket.” You have two days to claim your ticket, and all unclaimed tickets will be taken away. Upon claiming your ticket, you can immediately print the ticket, and reprint as many times as you like. Note that once tickets are scanned at the gate, duplicates are rendered invalid, and holders WILL NOT be permitted access to Mountaineer Field at Milan Puskar Stadium. Once the claim period has passed, remaining tickets (if any) are opened to all students in the on-demand period. This is the period where students forgetting to request/claim tickets can attempt to obtain a ticket, and is also the appropriate time for guest tickets to be purchased. The guest tickets must be paid online via major credit card. If you decide not to go to the game and you do not cancel your ticket, you will lose loyalty points. Be sure to bring your student ID to the gate with you to verify your identity! The easiest way to remember to claim your ticket will be to request an e-mail reminder on the ticketing page. This is an easy way to not get caught off-guard when there is a Thursday or Friday game.

We hope this guide will make your first time getting Mountaineer football tickets as a student a painless and enjoyable process.

Let’s Go Mountaineers!

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