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Caring. Passionate. Grounded. We are the Mountaineer Maniacs. Be the Difference.

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The Mountaineer Maniacs will continue to grow and engage our members to make a positive impact not only in our athletic arenas, but in our West Virginia community as well. As the largest student group on campus, we will bring passion to every athletic event. The pride we have in the Old Gold and Blue will be shown in the way that we support all our teams and respect our opponents. The Mountaineer Maniacs support Mountaineer athletic teams and help promote good sportsmanship as well as Mountaineer pride and tradition. 

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MEMBERSHIP 2017-2018

Benefits include:
  • Maniacs Membership T-Shirt
  • Watch Party Invitations
  • Olympic Sports Giveaways
  • Away Basketball & Football Trip Invitations
  • 20% Discount at Book Exchange
  • Football Tickets NOT Guaranteed
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MEMBERSHIP 2017-2018


Be the difference

The Mountaineer Maniacs strive to "Be the Difference" at all of the WVU Athletic events to allow our teams to perform to the best of their abilities. We also look to "Be the Difference" in our community through service, fundraising and outreach. 


2017-18 Maniacs Membership T-Shirt 
2017-18 Soccer Fan Shirt 
2016 - 2017 Maniacs Shirt

Plenty of Giveaways for Each Sport

We have giveaways all year round including various Maniacs gear and free food at Olympic Sports tailgates. Take advantage of these to make the most out of your Maniacs membership. 

This year, we have new giveaways that we think you will love! Come out to as many events as possible to get the most out of your membership. Let's Go Mountaineers!